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@peterfoot peterfoot released this Oct 11, 2017

Redesigned for .NET Standard and wider platform support:-
Windows 10 UWP
Windows Desktop .NET 4.5+ (Bluetooth Classic Only)
Xamarin iOS (Bluetooth LE Only)
Xamarin Mac
Xamarin Android
Tizen (Preview)

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@peterfoot peterfoot released this Oct 11, 2017

Provided in order to provide a version with bug #33017 fixed. This is not a full release. It contains only the library binaries and not the help and samples etc etc.

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@peterfoot peterfoot released this Oct 11, 2017

Release Notes
Note: release 3.7 (binaries) exists to fix #33017 [MSFT+Win32] BluetoothRadio keeps Handle open. It does not contain the help/readme/samples etc.

This version changes the 32feet.NET library (both desktop and NETCF) to use .NET Framework version 3.5. Previously we compiled for .NET v2.0.

There are no code changes from our version 3.4. See the 3.4 release for more information.
Changes due to compiling for .NET 3.5
Applications should be changed to use NET/NETCF v3.5.
Removal of class InTheHand.Net.Bluetooth.AsyncCompletedEventArgs, which we provided on NETCF. We now just use the standard .NET System.ComponentModel.AsyncCompletedEventArgs class. If you previously used our class in your NETCF code you'll need to ensure that there's a namespace import for System.ComponentModel — which needs the application to be using .NETCF v3.5.

Assets 2
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