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@pavolloffay pavolloffay released this May 16, 2019

Backend Changes

Breaking Changes

  • The kafka flags were removed in favor of kafka.producer and kafka.consumer flags (#1424, @ledor473)

    The following flags have been removed in the Collector and the Ingester:


    In the Collector, they are replaced by:


    In the Ingester, they are replaced by:

  • Add Admin port and group all ports in one file (#1442, @yurishkuro)

    This change fixes issues #1428, #1332 and moves all metrics endpoints from API ports to admin ports. It requires re-configuring Prometheus scraping rules. Each Jaeger binary has its own admin port that can be found under --admin-http-port command line flag by running the ${binary} help command.

New Features

Bug fixes, Minor Improvements

UI Changes

  • UI pinned to version 1.2.0. The changelog is available here v1.2.0
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