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@pavolloffay pavolloffay released this Sep 2, 2019

Backend Changes

Breaking Changes

  • Create ES index templates instead of indices (#1627, @pavolloffay)

    This can break existing Elasticsearch deployments if security policies are applied.
    For instance Jaeger X-Pack configuration now requires permission to create index templates - manage_index_templates.

New Features

  • Add Elasticsearch version configuration to rollover script (#1769, @pavolloffay)

  • Add Elasticsearch version flag (#1753, @pavolloffay)

  • Add Elasticsearch 7 support (#1690, @gregoryfranklin)

    The index mappings in Elasticsearch 7 are not backwards compatible with the older versions.
    Therefore using Elasticsearch 7 with data created with older version would not work.
    Elasticsearch 6.8 supports 7.x, 6.x, 5.x compatible mappings. The upgrade has to be done
    first to ES 6.8, then apply data migration or wait until old daily indices are removed (this requires
    to start Jaeger with --es.version=7 to force using ES 7.x mappings for newly created indices).

    Jaeger by default uses Elasticsearch ping endpoint (/) to derive the version which is used
    for index mappings selection. The version can be overridden by flag --es.version.

  • Support for Zipkin Protobuf spans over HTTP (#1695, @jan25)

  • Added support for hot reload of UI config (#1688, @jpkrohling)

  • Added base Grafana dashboard and Alert rules (#1745, @jpkrohling)

  • Add the jaeger-mixin for monitoring (#1668, @gouthamve)

  • Added flags for driving cassandra connection compression through config (#1675, @sagaranand015)

  • Support index cleaner for rollover indices and add integration tests (#1689, @pavolloffay)

  • Add client TLS auth to gRPC reporter (#1591, @tcolgate)

  • Collector kafka producer protocol version config (#1658, @marqc)

  • Configurable kafka protocol version for msg consuming by jaeger ingester (#1640, @marqc)

  • Use credentials when describing keyspaces in cassandra schema builder (#1655, @MiLk)

  • Add connect-timeout for Cassandra (#1647, @sagaranand015)

Bug fixes, Minor Improvements

UI Changes

  • UI pinned to version 1.4.0. The changelog is available here v1.4.0
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