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Translation of the Modern JavaScript Tutorial

This repo hosts the general information and tools to translate the Modern JavaScript Tutorial

Language Link to GitHub Translated (%)       Last Commit       Published
Chinese Contribute
French Contribute
Hindi Contribute
Italian Contribute
Japanese Contribute
Korean Contribute
Portuguese (Brazil) Contribute
Portuguese (Portugal) Contribute
Romanian Contribute
Russian Contribute
Spanish Contribute
Turkish Contribute
Ukrainian Contribute

Help us to translate: click the "Contribute" link above and read how to do it. That's simple, join in!

Starting a new translation

Your language is not in the list?

If you'd like to create a new translation, submit a PR adding a new file {lang-code}.json to the langs folder with the following information:

For example:

  "name": "English",
  "code": "en",
  "maintainers": ["iliakan", "lex111"]

As a maintainer:

  • You should know JavaScript well enough to translate and review pull requests of others.

Once the PR is accepted, we will:

  • Create a new repository for you at javascript-tutorial/{lang-code}
  • Add/invite all maintainers to the team translate-{lang-code} in the javascript-tutorial organization.
  • Create an special issue in the new repository to track your translation progress.

If you are not a member of the organization, you should receive an email invite to join. Please accept this invite so you can get admin access to your repository!

You may want to pin the generated issue to make it easier to find.

See Maintainer Tips for additional advice on how to manage your repository.

Happy translating!

Adding a maintainer

If you are currently a maintainer of a translation and want to add another member, send a pull request to this repo updating langs/{lang-code}.json, where {lang-code} is the language code of the repo you want to be a maintainer of.

If you are interested in becoming a maintainer for a translation, please ask one of the current maintainers if they would like to add you.


When the translation is at least 50% finished, please create an issue in this repository with a request to publish. You're good! 👏


The syncing scripts and the translation bot are based off of by @tesseralis.


Modern JavaScript Tutorial Translation




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