Blue Ocean is a reboot of the Jenkins CI/CD User Experience
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Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean is the next generation user experience for Jenkins. You can learn more about its features and roadmap on the Blue Ocean project website.

Join the community and Gitter

We would also like to thank Rollbar for providing us error reporting.

Get Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean is available from the Jenkins update center for Jenkins 2.7.1 and above.

Reporting bugs and feature requests

We use the Jenkins JIRA to log all bugs and feature requests. Create a new account, browse to JIRA and login with your account then create a new issue with the component blueocean-plugin.

For Developers

It is a multi-module maven project made up of a few Jenkins plugins. There is an aggregator plugin in the "blueocean" module.


Some background reading:

This is in the main Update Center for Jenkins. Install the plugin called "BlueOcean beta" (and let it install its dependencies). The instructions here are for contributors to Blue Ocean and the morbidly curious. Expect refactoring.

Pirate logo, because it's ocean and stuff Yarr...

Modules of note

A quick tour of some of the modules (not all). Consult in respective modules for more info.


Blue Ocean Dashboard plugin. Currently contains a lot of the core of the Blue Ocean user interface and extension points. This is mostly client side JavaScript built with ES6 and React.


An aggregator plugin, making it an easy place from which to run Blue Ocean via hpi:run.


Java interfaces and classes that specify the definition of the REST API that blueocean uses. See the within this module for detail on this api.


Provides the default implementation of the core REST Apis defined in the blueocean-rest plugin. It comes with only freestyle job support.


Provides implementation of Pipeline apis for Jenkins pipeline and multi-branch job types support


Core Web infrastructure that bootstraps BlueOcean UI and integrates REST API core blueocean-rest, and serves up the core javascript libraries.

Building and running

At a minimum you will need JVM and Maven installed, if you are doing active JavaScript development, installing NodeJS is a good idea too.

Build everything (from root directory)

Builds all maven modules (run this the first time you check things out, at least)

$ mvn clean install

For now, you'll need to skip the tests if building on Windows, so be sure to include the -DskipTests switch e.g.

$ mvn clean install -DskipTests

Running Blue Ocean

$ mvn -f blueocean/pom.xml hpi:run

Then open http://localhost:8080/jenkins/blue to start using Blue Ocean.

The Jenkins Classic UI exists side-by-side at its usual place at http://localhost:8080/jenkins.

Browser compatibility

The obviously goal is for Blue Ocean to be runnable on all browsers on all platforms. We're not there yet, but getting closer. The ultimate goal will be to have browser support in line with the Jenkins Browser Compatibility Matrix.

List of browsers where we know Blue Ocean is not yet runnable:

  • Internet Explorer < 11 on Windows (the aim is to keep IE 11 working, but help is needed to maintain a Windows test environment in the pipeline)

  • AmigaOS


Follow the steps above for getting it running first.

Look in following README's for:

Building plugins for Blue Ocean

Blue Ocean plugins use the same plugin mechanism as Jenkins for distribution and installation, but involve a lot more Javascript if they have GUI elements.

The best way to get started is to look at the tutorial and Yeoman starter project here: The usual plugin guide also applies for Jenkins:

Ask for help in #jenkins-ci or on the mailing list if you are working on a plugin.

Tools needed

Maven is used for most building. The project is configured to grab all the tools you need from the JavaScript ecosystem to get started.

If you are working on the Javascript, you will need node installed, look at the version in the pom.xml for the minimum version required.

NOTE: look in the of the respective modules for more detailed dev docs.

NPM and shrinkwrap

  • Ensure your npm is 3.10.8+ as this release fixes some important bugs with shrinkwrap, notably #11735 in notes
  • Don't edit package.json directly; use npm install to ensure that both package.json and npm-shrinkwrap.json are updated.
  • To add or update a dependency:
    • npm install packageName@3.2.1 -S -E
  • To add or update a devDependency:
    • npm install packageName@3.2.1 -D -E
  • If you are handling a merge conflict in package.json, resolve the conflict in the file as normal. Then use the appropriate command to update each conflicting dependency to ensure shrinkwrap is updated.
  • To remove a dependency:
    • npm uninstall packageName -S
  • To remove a devDependency:
    • npm uninstall packageName -D
  • If you ever need to create a shrinkwrap for the first time, use npm shrinkwrap --dev to ensure devDependencies are included in the shrinkwrap.

Full docs on npm shrinkwrap Information on building with shrinkwrap

In case you want to update your dependencies with something like npm-check-updates make sure you follow the simple steps:

ncu -a
rm -rf node_modules npm-shrinkwrap.json
npm i
npm shrinkwrap --dev

Contributing - help wanted

i18n - Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

We have full i18n support in our plugins. Please read the i18n documentation on how you can provide new translations and how to work with i18n.

contributing guidelines

Want to get involve with blueocean? See our contributing guidelines for more informations.

Debug and live reload with IntelliJ

Automatically deploys changes to an instance of blueocean that is run with hpi:run.

  1. Enable class reloading: Preferences > Build, Execution, Deployment > Debugger > HotSwap
    • Reload classes in background
    • Reload classes after compilation: always
  2. Create a Maven Run/Debug configuration
    • Working Directory: <project root>/all
    • Command hpi:run
    • Runner > Properties: Enable Skip tests
    • Runner > VM Options: -Dblueocean.config.file=../
  3. Debug new configuration, and after compilation the class file will be reloaded


Need help?

You can chat to folks on #jenkins-ux on freenode (IRC). You can also email the jenkins-dev email list (google group:!forum/jenkinsci-dev) - but ensure you use the prefix [Blue Ocean] in your subject line when posting.


Advanced front end development with react, redux and stuff by @scherler:

Watch @i386 and @jenkinsci on Twitter for frequent updates and news.