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Git SCM plugin

Git software configuration management support for Jenkins

  • see Jenkins wiki for detailed feature descriptions
  • use JIRA to report issues / feature requests

Master Branch

This is the master branch of the git plugin and is the primary development branch for the git plugin.

Contributing to the Plugin

Plugin source code is hosted on GitHub. New feature proposals and bug fix proposals should be submitted as GitHub pull requests. Fork the repository on GitHub, prepare your change on your forked copy, and submit a pull request. Your pull request will be evaluated by the Cloudbees Jenkins job and you should receive e-mail with the results of the evaluation.

Before submitting your change, please assure that you've added a test which verifies your change. There have been many developers involved in the git plugin and there are many, many users who depend on the git-plugin. Tests help us assure that we're delivering a reliable plugin, and that we've communicated our intent to other developers in a way that they can detect when they run tests.

Code coverage reporting is available as a maven target and is actively monitored. Please improve code coverage with tests when you submit.

Before submitting your change, please review the findbugs output to assure that you haven't introduced new findbugs warnings.

To Do

  • Fix bugs
  • Create submodule tests
  • Improve code coverage
  • Improve javadoc