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A new Luci theme for LEDE/OpenWRT
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A new Luci theme for LEDE/OpenWRT
Argon is a clean HTML5 theme for LuCI. It is based on luci-theme-material and Argon Template
Suitable for Openwrt 18.06.4 (for test) And Lean Luci (stable)

The old version is still in another branch call old. If you need that you can checkout that branch.

How to use

Enter in your openwrt/package/lean or other

git clone
make menuconfig #choose LUCI->Theme->Luci-theme-argon
make -j1 V=s

Update log 20191109

  1. Minimal background file size.
  2. Automatically detect the number of background images.
  3. Delete unused image and file.


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