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liquid-usrp : Software-Defined Radio, USRP applications

liquid-dsp is a free and open-source digital signal processing (DSP) library designed specifically for software-defined radios on embedded platforms. The aim is to provide a lightweight DSP library that does not rely on a myriad of external dependencies or proprietary and otherwise cumbersome frameworks.

liquid-usrp contains simple applications for communicating over the air using the universal software radio peripheral (USRP). Furthermore, a simple packet radio interface is presented that allows the user to transmit data packets of any length, modulation scheme, and forward error-correction scheme desired.

For more information on the USRP itself, refer to

Build Guide

  1. Install liquid-dsp (HEAD revision) digital signal processing library, available from github at

    $ git clone git:// $ cd liquid-dsp $ ./ $ ./configure $ make $ make check # run optional tests $ sudo make install

  2. Build the universal hardware driver (UHD) from Ettus research, available from Follow the official install guide:

  3. Build all the liquid-usrp example programs

    $ ./ $ ./configure $ make