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SublimeCloud is a Sublime Text 2 plugin that syncs your Packages/User directory to/from a github repository. Handy for reinstalling, setting up a new workstation, etc.


  • Work in progress
  • Pulling is destructive! Please review the code before using.
  • Currently if you make a mistake in the git path, you must change it manually, see TODO below


  • Use sublime_plugin.EventListener to watch for the git repo settings key and update the remote accordingly
  • Make it more convenient to use than the command line.
  • Have a rubygem or something to faciliate a one-liner for new machines to quickly get your settings


  • Create a new github repository for my sublime settings to sync to. (Only for first use)

  • Ensure push/pull access to said repository.

  • Install the plugin by placing the file into ~/Library/Application Support/Sublime Text 2/Packages/User

  • Open your user settings in Sublime Text 2 and point the plugin to the github repository


Usage (Push)

Use the SublimeCloudPush command to seed the repository with current data:

Open the console with CTRL ~ Enter sublime.run_command("sublime_cloud_push")

Usage (Pull)

Use the SublimeCloudPull command to replace current data with that on github:

  • Open the console with CTRL ~
  • Enter sublime.run_command("sublime_cloud_pull")

Sublime Plugin Reference