Android SDK NDK Information

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What to use

For Python 2: Check the section "Working SDK/NDK"; use Android SDK and NDK.

For Python 3:

Android SDK

This is a list of Android SDK with some informations useful for us to track the issues with buildozer or python-for-android. There is one rule to know: never use latest SDK without newer NDK released; This is due that NDK have a directory per API (android-20, android-21 etc..); If you use latest SDK, NDK will not have the directory for it, therefore the compilation will not work.

  • SDK 20: Current default for buildozer
  • SDK 21/22 (TO FIX): New notification API, current python-for-android implementation doesn't work
  • SDK 25: No more "android" tool, "sdkmanager" is the only entrypoint now for installating SDK. Both python-for-android and buildozer will not work.
  • SDK 25.3.0: ant is removed. There is a branch "sdl2_gradle" that intent to have a bootstrap for sdl2 based on gradle.

Working SDK/NDK (KGS - Known Good Set)

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