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Migration guide from legacy garden packages

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Guide for migrating existing garden packages to the new for using proper python package structure.

Here are the demo pure-python and cython-python flowers to be used as starting points for new flowers and for the migration.


The following steps use the garden graph package to demonstrate how to migrate a package to the new format.

  1. Create a new empty repo with the name graph in garden.

  2. In coveralls sync the kivy-garden repos and then enable it.

  3. Clone the flower demo repo, if you haven't already. Otherwise make sure it is up to date with master: For a pure python flower:

    git clone

    or for a cython-python flower:

    git clone
  4. Push the flower repo to github:

    cd flower
    git push --mirror
  5. Now clone graph and the original garden.graph locally:

    git clone
    git clone
  6. Merge garden.graph into the new graph:

    cd graph
    git remote add original ../garden.graph
    git remote update
    git merge --allow-unrelated-histories original/master

    If there are any merge conflicts, resolve them and commit.

  7. Migrate the original package structure into a pythonic structure.

    1. Remove the kivy-garden/flower directory and make a new kivy-garden/graph directory.
    2. Copy all the original python modules e.g. into kivy-garden/graph.
    3. Fix the tests in tests/ to test the graph code.
    4. open and replace all instances of flower with graph.
    5. Do any remaining cleanup, e.g. duplicate license files or readme.
    6. Commit all changes.
  8. Test to make sure everything works, otherwise fix and commit (make sure pytest is installed). Test install it to python and use it in your app:

    pip install .
    python -c "from kivy_garden.graph import Graph"

    If it's a cython flower (graph isn't), compile it first:

    PYTHONPATH=.:$PYTHONPATH python build_ext --inplace

    Then run the tests:

    PYTHONPATH=. python -m pytest tests/
  9. Push to kivy-garden and remove the original garden remote

    git push origin master
    git remote rm original
  10. Verify that the travis tests pass.

  11. Archive garden.graph

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