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You have just landed at the Kivy wiki, a collection of useful information for this awesome open source cross-platform Python framework!

Getting started




  • Plyer: a platform-independent api to use features commonly found on various platforms, notably mobile ones
  • Pyjnius: a Python module to access Java class as Python class, using JNI.
  • Python for Android: Access Android specific functionality
  • Pyobjus: a Python module to access Objective-C class as Python class, using Objective-C runtime reflection
  • Google Analytics and Monitoring: Kivy recipe for Google analytics, play services and bug reporting.
  • Google Play Recipes: An example of a Google Play Services client.

Getting help

At Kivy, we love code and coders so we want to help you. Feel free to ask questions, make comments or join us for a chat. All we ask is that you be nice and follow our Community Guidelines.



This section contains internal notes for the Kivy devs.

Hardware Compatibility List and known issues

This section lists hardware with known issues with kivy.


The information here is not exhaustive but provides a brief overview of the Kivy landscape. If you know of any other good resources that should be added, please let us know! Oh, and enjoy Kivy!

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