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Hosting Projects under the LF AI & Data Foundation

This repo contains the LF AI & Data Project Proposal Process and Lifecycle Document that explains the process to host new projects in the LF AI & Data Foundation. It is your starting point to learn the various project stages, the process to follow to propose hosting a new project, the lifecycle of how a project transitions between stages, in addition to the benefits of being an LF AI & Data hosted project. This repo also includes a template that we recommend you use when making such a proposal. We also make available copies of previous proposals for your referenece.

For any questions, please contact the LF AI & Data staff via

Incubation Stage Requirements

To be accepted to at the Incubation stage, a project must:

  • The project uses an OSI-approved open source license
  • The project does not have dependencies on components that are either proprietary or licensed under a non OSI-approved license
  • Submit a completed Project Contribution Proposal to the TAC via a Github pull request ( along with a short and a short email notification to
  • Provide such additional information as the TAC or GB may reasonably request
  • Demonstrate a substantial ongoing flow of commits and merged contributions
  • Have a healthy number of committers. A committer is defined as someone with the commit bit; i.e., someone who can accept contributions to some or all of the project
  • Be deemed by the TAC and GB to add value to the artificial intelligence, machine learning and/or deep learning space and to fall within the mission and scope of LF AI & Data
  • Agree to transfer any relevant trademarks to The Linux Foundation or its affiliate, LF Projects, LLC, and to assist in filing for any relevant unregistered ones. In the case of projects with established trademarks where a trademark transfer is difficult, we generally recommend the project begin operations under a new name. Note that no patent or copyright assignment is necessary in order for a project to join LF AI & Data effort

Graduation Stage Requirements

To be accepted to the Graduation stage, a project must meet the Incubation stage requirements plus:

  • Have a healthy number of committers from at least two organizations*.
  • Have achieved and maintained a Core Infrastructure Initiative Best Practices Badge.
  • Demonstrate a substantial ongoing flow of commits and merged contributions*.
  • Document current project owners and current and emeritus committers in and files. A copy of the project’s charter (or other authorized governance document) shall be included or linked to in a or in a similar file.
  • Have a technical lead appointed for representation of the project to the TAC.
  • Receive the affirmative vote of two-thirds of the TAC and the affirmative vote of the Governing Board.

*Since these metrics can vary significantly depending on the type, scope and size of a project, the TAC has final judgment over the level of activity that is adequate to meet these criteria.


Project Proposal Accepted Maturity Level Graduation Date Project Technical Lead TAC Sponspor 18-Months Incubation Milestone
Acumos n/a [03/26/18] Accepted as Graduation n/a TSC Chair Vacant tbd n/a
Angel Fitz Wang [06/07/18] Graduation / (Graduation Proposal) [12/03/2019] Bruce Tao, tbd n/a
Elastic Deep Learning Daxiang Dong [07/05/18] Incubation tbd Daxiang Dong, tbd [01/05/20]
Horovod Alex Sergeev [12/06/18] Incubation [09/01/2020] Travis Addair, tbd n/a
Pyro Fritz Obermeyer [01/17/19] Incubation tbd Fritz Obermeyer, tbd [07/17/20]
Adlik Yuan Liya [09/26/19] Incubation tbd Wei Meng, tbd [03/26/2021]
ONNX Prasanth Pulavarthi [10/31/2019] Accepted as Graduation n/a ONNX TSC, tbd n/a
Sparklyr Javier Luraschi [12/05/2019] Incubation tbd Javier Luraschi, tbd [06/05/2021]
Marquez Julien Le Dem [12/19/2019] Incubation tbd Julien Le Dem, tbd [06/19/2021]
Milvus Jun Gu [01/16/2020] Incubation tbd Jun Gu, tbd [07/16/2021]
NNstreamer MyungJoo Ham [03/12/2020] Incubation tbd MyungJoo Ham, myungjoo.ham@samsung.comm tbd [09/03/2021]
ForestFlow Ahmad Alkilani [03/26/2020] Incubation tbd Ahmad Alkilani, tbd [09/27/2021]
Ludwig Piero Molino [05/07/2020] Incubation tbd Piero Molino, tbd [11/07/2021]
AI Fairness 360 Animesh Singh, Mathieu Sinn, and Mike Hind [06/18/2020] Incubation tbd Animesh Singh, tbd [12/18/2021]
Adversarial Robustness 360 Animesh Singh, Mathieu Sinn, and Mike Hind [06/18/2020] Incubation tbd Animesh Singh, tbd [12/18/2021]
AI Explainability 360 Animesh Singh, Mathieu Sinn, and Mike Hind [06/18/2020] Incubation tbd Animesh Singh, tbd [12/18/2021]
Amundsen Tao Feng [08/30/2020] Incubation tbd Tao Feng, tbd [04/08/2022]
DELTA Tiger Wang [09/10/2020] Incubation tbd Tiger Wang, tbd [03/10/2022]
SOAJS Antoine Hage [09/10/2020] Incubation tbd Antoine Hage, tbd [03/10/2022]
FEAST Willem Pienaar [09/24/2020] Incubation tbd Willem Piennar, tbd [04/24/2022]
Egeria Mandy Chessell [09/24/2020] Graduation [10/6/2020] Mandy Chessell, tbd n/a
OpenDS4All Andre de Waal [09/24/2020] Incubation tbd Andre de Wal, tbd [04/24/2022]
DataPractices Patrick McGarry [11/05/2020] Incubation tbd Patrick McGarry, tbd [05/05/2021]
JanusGraph Oleksandr Porunov [12/03/2020] Incubation tbd TSC Chair Vacant tbd [06/03/2022]
Dataset Lifecycle Framework Yiannis Gkoufas [01/14/2021] Incubation tbd Yiannis Gkoufas, tbd [07/14/2023]
MARS Xuye (Chris) Qin Scheduled [02/11/2021] Incubation tbd Xuye (Chris) Qin, tbd [08/11/2023]


This repo contains the LF AI & Data Project Proposal Process and Project Lifecycle. They explain the process to host new projects in LF AI & Data and provide a proposal template.




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