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@lokesku lokesku released this Jul 7, 2021

Note: If you are cloning our repository to work with the source code for this release, please make sure to clone the release-2021.2 branch and NOT master.


  • External Pedestrians and NPC (other traffic vehicles) Support
  • New NPCs and Pedestrians like Scooters, Bicyclists and Animals
  • External Bridge Support
  • Multiple simulator asset bundle versions support
  • Rain Collision effect
  • Support for simulations without EGO (Spectator Ego)
  • New “Driver view” camera state
  • New API to set simulator camera state
  • Annotation tool to set accurate values (position, rotation and scale) for MapOrigin
  • New “clear cache” option
  • Ability to use proxy server for cloud_url in config.yml
  • New enhanced web user interface:


  • Unity Upgrade to 2020.3.3f1
    • Revert FBX package to 3.2.1-preview.2
    • Remove overdraw with HDRP flare
  • Improved NPC handling:
    • Fixed rotating NPC wheels when using NPCWaypointBehaviour
    • Pedestrian ground truth from bounds
  • Improvements and bug fixes around Distributed Simulation with multi-ego support:
    • Fixed API mode for distributed simulation on a single machine
    • Fixed pedestrian animations on client machine
    • Improved distributing VehicleActions
    • Support for the ArticulationBody in distributed simulations
    • Improved load balancing of the sensors
  • Updated Sensor support:
    • Fix TF visual and sensor hierarchy
    • update input for g920 wheel for windows
    • Publish camera intrinsic parameters to ROS and ROS2
    • Rework lidar to use cubemap
  • Improved lighting and rain:
    • Fix brown lighting
    • Rotate sun and moon to match map rotation
    • Rain collision improvements and fixes
    • Fix overlapping rain chunks
  • Enhanced Visual Scenario Editor support:
    • Minor UX fixes
    • Fixed changing agents' variants
    • Fix issue with agent dropdown not refreshing on click
    • Loading pedestrians from config
  • Improvements around HD Map Mesh Generator:
    • Improve data handling in HD map mesh builder
    • Erosion and re-leveling for point cloud mesh
  • Work in progress improvements on Developer mode:
    • Rework developer settings
    • Bundle version uptick and unity editor check on developer debug mode for bridges
    • Sensor debug developer loading
  • More enhanced and user friendly web user interface:
  • Misc Improvements:
    • Support default light layers in point cloud renderer
    • Loads assembly with the ego name from asset bundle
    • Added public driver view transform to be set in the Inspector
    • Asmdef added, loader fixed to deal with bundle/WISE name mismatch
    • Loader: improve the error message about BundleFormat
    • Make sure Simulator.Editor.Build.Run exits on any exception
    • Trimming last slash in the cloud url if needed.
    • get full path from data path provided
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