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A few projects and people who use libarchive.

Who Uses Libarchive?

  • FreeBSD
    • libarchive was originally developed for FreeBSD; it was first released with FreeBSD 5.3 in November 2004.
    • bsdtar is the default system tar starting with FreeBSD 6
    • bsdcpio is the default system cpio starting with FreeBSD 8
    • Kai Wang's "ar" is standard with FreeBSD 8
    • Dag-Erling Smørgrav's "unzip" is standard with FreeBSD 8
  • Package Managers
  • Archiving tools and File Browsers
    • The tarsnap service uses libarchive in its client software.
    • Springy for Mac OS X uses libarchive to process TAR, PAX and CPIO archives.
    • Nautilus file browser file-roller plugin uses libarchive
    • The archivemount filesystem (part of FUSE) uses libarchive
    • KDE's ark file browser uses libarchive for tar, deb, and ISO files.
    • CARE — short for "Comprehensive Archiver for Reproducible Execution" — uses libarchive.
    • ZIP Unpacker Component Extension uses libarchive in Chrome OS
    • GVfs GNOME Virtual file system uses libarchive as one of its backends to access archive files
    • Samba version 4.2 and higher uses libarchive in smbclient(1)
  • Ports of libarchive, bsdtar, etc.
  • Security Software
  • Other Software
    • Hydrogen advanced drum machine uses libarchive
    • libgepub GObject based library for handling and rendering epub documents uses libarchive
    • libgxps GObject based library for handling and rendering XPS documents uses libarchive
    • Nestopia UE Nintendo Entertainment System/Famicom emulator uses libarchive
    • Osmo personal organizer for GTK+ version 0.2.12 and higher uses libarchive
    • rdup utility to create a file list suitable for making backups uses libarchive
    • Seafile open source cloud storage system uses libarchive
    • Zeal offline documentation browser uses libarchive
If you know of other projects that should be in this list, please let us know.
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