A connector to use Zikula users in your ownCloud instance
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A connector to use Zikula users in your ownCloud instance


I have tested both modules with Zikula 1.3.9 and OwnCloud 8.0.4.

Please note the issue described here. Because of this issue the module won't delete users calendars (rest of the modules work fine). The issue is fixed in the newest version of the owncloud calendar.

This package needs php-curl!

To install this connector you have to install the module from the directory Zikula_Module Owncloud into your Zikula instance and the app zikula_auth from the directory Owncloud_Module. After that you have to configure both modules by accessing the admin-panel in your Zikula instance and Owncloud instance. There you have to input a auth code wich must be equal at both modules and the server address and/or ip from the other instance.


After installing the modules correctly you should be able to login with your Zikula-credentials if you have the necessary rights (Owncloud::Use at ACCESS_EDIT at least). If you want a direct redirection without typing in your credentials again from your Zikula instance you can add a link calling the redirect function of the user type of the module. For example the following link in a template:

{modurl modname='Owncloud' type='user' func='redirect'}


Pull request are welcome! If you find any issue please add it to the issues section.