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Release Notes

Important Note: With this release, you must include the following snippet in your project’s build.gradle:

    repositories {
        maven { url 'https://mapbox.bintray.com/mapbox' }

This will ensure the mapbox dependency is properly downloaded. We will be adding a snippet regarding this in the repo README as well.

Navigation UI libandroid-navigation-ui

  • Improved NavigationCamera logic to be synced with the navigation puck.

    • Add NavigationCamera#updateCameraTrackingMode that will allow you to toggle between normal tracking and NAVIGATION_TRACKING_MODE_NORTH which will continue to track the user location, but with a bearing always set to zero.

  • Added OnCameraTrackingChangedListener to NavigationMapboxMap which now allows users to interact with the map, while still tracking, setting new zoom levels:

  • Fix 🐛 when adding click listeners to the RecenterButton


  • Add CustomNavigationNotification notification channel #1388
  • Add OnCameraTrackingChangedListener to NavigationMapboxMap #1386
  • Bump mapbox-android-plugin-locationlayer version to 0.10.0 #1382
  • Camera tracking modes selection with GPS and North as options #1377
  • Match min and max pitch values with iOS #1379
  • Migrate camera tracking logic to the LocationLayerPlugin #1372
  • CP: Use tracking animation multiplier 2x #1347
  • Fix multi on click listener NPE in recenter button #1374