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Zola Deploy to Pages

v0.10.0 Latest version
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Zola Deploy to Pages

Build and deploy a Zola site to GitHub Pages


Copy and paste the following snippet into your .yml file.

- name: Zola Deploy to Pages
  uses: shalzz/zola-deploy-action@v0.10.0
Learn more about this action in shalzz/zola-deploy-action
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Zola Deploy Action

A GitHub action to automatically build and deploy your zola site to the master branch as GitHub Pages.

Table of Contents


on: push
name: Build and deploy on push
    name: shalzz/zola-deploy-action
    runs-on: ubuntu-latest
    - uses: actions/checkout@master
    - name: shalzz/zola-deploy-action
      uses: shalzz/zola-deploy-action@master
        PAGES_BRANCH: gh-pages
        BUILD_DIR: docs
        BUILD_FLAGS: --drafts
        TOKEN: ${{ secrets.TOKEN }}


  • TOKEN: Personal Access key with the appropriate scope. If the repository is public the public_repo scope suffices, for private repositories the full repo scope is required. We need this to push the site files back to the repo.

    ( Actions already provides a GITHUB_TOKEN which is an installation token and does not trigger a GitHub Pages builds hence we need a personal access token )

Environment Variables

  • PAGES_BRANCH: The git branch of your repo to which the built static files will be pushed. Default is gh-pages branch
  • BUILD_DIR: The path from the root of the repo where we should run the zola build command. Default is . (current directory)
  • BUILD_FLAGS: Custom build flags that you want to pass to zola while building. (Be careful supplying a different build output directory might break the action).

Custom Domain

If you're using a custom domain for your GitHub Pages site put the CNAME in static/CNAME so that zola puts it in the root of the public folder which is where GitHub expects it to be.

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