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Project short description bug URL Reporter
JDT Javadoc Locations: no support for variables PM
JDT convert local should copy comments refactoring MP
JDT [Code Formatter] lines with declarations with generic types do not wrap JST
BIRT Allow to pass XML document to BIRT instead of input stream (performance) MSR
P2 Refresh Update Sites MP
SWT StyledText text layout extensibility MP
WTP WebSphere 6.1/7 adapter for WTP MSR


Project short description bug URL Reporter
Calendar Option to hide non-working hours in day view MSR
Calendar Better OS integration: register protocol handler MSR
Calendar Better OS integration: double-click .ics file MSR
Calendar Thunderbird 3 reply/reply-all buttons MSR
Calendar “Last Week” group when “Group By Sort” is misleading MSR
Calendar TB/Lightning proper Outlook support (accept message) MSR


Project short description bug URL Reporter
Jenkins Adding post build steps not working anymore. CM
Jenkins Performance Plugin: Links and chart have gone. CM
JAXB XJC More Schema Annotations/Documentation to Javadoc MSR
OTRS Reply from Customer Frontend has no CC and BCC fields available RG
JSR-236 Support fork/join PM
JBoss Tools Support auto type registration during hbm2ddl MSR
JBoss Tools Maven plugin for Hibernate Tools 4.x MSR
Maven Site Plugin Support adding and overriding report plugins in new maven-site-plugin 3.x reportPlugins configuration format MSR
GWTEventService Support reconnect after server restart MSR
Smart GWT Support multi-day events in Calendar MJU
SonarQube Refactor SecurityRealm extension to allow more flexibility JST
Hamcrest hasItem matcher factory has wrong generic wildcard MP
Hibernate Ability to specify names of constraints (PK, Check, Unique) DKE
Hibernate HQL/JPA “where in” queries broken MSR
IntelliJ pom.xml tags beyond are regarded as invalid DKE
Commons Lang EqualsBuilder.append(Object,Object) is too big PM
SAAJ Further optimize declaration parsing PM
Spring Batch ScopeConfiguration methods should be static PM