A demo of what Mattermost plugins can do.
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Demo Plugin Build Status

This plugin demonstrates the capabilities of a Mattermost plugin. It includes the same build scripts as mattermost-plugin-sample, but implements all supported server-side hooks and registers a component for each supported client-side integration point. See server/README.md and webapp/README.md for more details. The plugin also doubles as a testbed for verifying plugin functionality during release testing.

Feel free to base your own plugin off this repository, removing or modifying components as needed. If you're already familiar with what plugins can do, consider starting from mattermost-plugin-sample instead, which includes the same build framework but omits the demo implementations.

Note that this plugin is authored for Mattermost 5.2 and later, and is not compatible with earlier releases of Mattermost.

For details on getting started, see mattermost-plugin-sample.