Franz is a free messaging app for services like WhatsApp, Slack, Messenger and many more.
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This repository is only for Franz 5 and later, previous versions are no longer maintained.

Franz 5 (beta)

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Messaging app for WhatsApp, Slack, Telegram, HipChat, Hangouts and many many more.

Download Franz




Install Linux OS dependencies

Guide: Linux distribution specific dependencies

Install yarn

$ brew install yarn

Download installer


Install Yarn on Linux

Fix native modules to match current electron node version

$ yarn run rebuild

Run Franz Development App

Run these two commands simultaneously in different console tabs.

$ yarn run dev
$ yarn start

Be aware that the development database will be reset regularly.


$ yarn build

How can I support the project?

If you have found a bug that hasn't been reported yet or want to request a new feature, please open a new issue.

I need help?

Join the Franz community on Slack and get in touch with us.

Create your own plugins/recipes

You can find all the Information at the Plugins repository. For questions feel free to ask in the community Slack


Franz 5 is open-source licensed under the Apache-2.0 License.