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C++ CMake Shell
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mgconsole is a command line interface for Memgraph database.

Building and installing

To build and install mgconsole from source you will need:

  • CMake version >= 3.4
  • OpenSSL version >= 1.0.2
  • C compiler supporting C11
  • C++ compiler supporting C++14 with support for Filesystem TS (at least experimental)
  • mgclient library and headers
  • readline library and headers

Once everything is in place, create a build directory inside the source directory and configure the build by running CMake from it:

$ mkdir build
$ cd build
$ cmake ..

After running CMake, you should see a Makefile in the build directory. Then you can build the project by running:


This will build the mgconsole binary. To install it, run make install. This will install to system default installation directory. If you want to change this location, use -DCMAKE_INSTALL_PREFIX option when running CMake.

Example usage

$ mgconsole --host --port 7687 --use-ssl=false
mgconsole 0.1
Type :help for shell usage
Quit the shell by typing Ctrl-D(eof) or :quit
Connected to 'memgraph://'
memgraph> :help
In interactive mode, user can enter cypher queries and supported commands.

Cypher queries can span through multiple lines and conclude with a
semi-colon (;). Each query is executed in the database and the results
are printed out.

The following interactive commands are supported:

        :help    Print out usage for interactive mode
        :quit    Exit the shell

memgraph> MATCH (t:Turtle) RETURN t;
| t                                         |
| (:Turtle {color: "blue", name: "Leo"})    |
| (:Turtle {color: "purple", name: "Don"})  |
| (:Turtle {color: "orange", name: "Mike"}) |
| (:Turtle {color: "red", name: "Raph"})    |
4 rows in set (0.000 sec)
memgraph> :quit
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