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Currenlty there is no installation wizard, so the configuration needs to be set manually.


  • PHP 5+.
  • NO database needed.
  • Write access to the system/cache/ folder to use the caching system.

Installation Process

  1. Get Evinrude latest release.
  2. Modify the $config['base_url'] value in application/config/config.php line 13.
  3. Put your site's files in the evn_site/_pages/ (more info...).
  4. Modify the default theme in the evn_themes/default/ or add your theme in the evn_themes/<YourThemeName>/ folder (more info...).
  5. If needed modify the $config['evn_active_theme'] value in application/config/evinrude.php line 17 to change the active theme.
  6. Copy the files on your webserver.
  7. Your site is ready to go!

Advanced configuration

  • Some advanced options are stored in /application/config/evinrude.php (read the comments in the file for more info).
  • You can also use dynamic plugins, more info here.
  • If you want to use mod_rewrite to have nice urls, check this page:
  • To add another security layer, consider to follow the security best practices.
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