JavaScript Mind Map visualisation and management
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MindMup MapJs

MindMup is a zero-friction mind map canvas. Our aim is to create the most productive mind mapping environment out there, removing all the distractions and providing powerful editing shortcuts.

This project is the JavaScript visualisation portion of MindMup. It provides a canvas for users to create and edit mind maps in a browser. You can see an example of this live at, or play with the library directly in the browser using test/index.html from this project..

This project is relatively stand alone and you can use it to create a nice mind map visualisation separate from the MindMup Server.

Using MAPJS in your projects

MapJS 2 works well with WebPack. Check out the MAPJS Webpack Example project.


To run the unit tests, execute

npm test

To debug and try things out visually, grab the dependencies using:

npm run pretest


This library depends on the following projects: