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/*  dun  */

A dead simple command line based todo list manager.
You get four commands:

dun - type this and the first item is removed from your list.
dun n - where n is a number, presumably less than the number of tasks on your list.  This removes the nth task.
dun skip - moves the first task to the end of the list.
dun add "task" - adds 'task' to the end of your list.

dun saves into a text file, by default todo.txt in your Documents directory.  If you don't like this you'll have to change the path in dun.rb.  It's hard coded.

In order to make it run from anywhere at the command line you will either need to drop the script somewhere within your path (e.g. /usr/local/sbin/) or just link it from there (ln -s /usr/local/sbin/dun /where/you/saved/the/file).

The idea behind this is that you can easily format the text file however you like--in my workflow it fits perfectly into conky.  You can hit Alt+F2 to popup a run window and type one of the commands.  I might also recommend that you assign some convenient keyboard shortcut to the likes of 'dun' and 'dun skip'.

A taskbar widget may, in fact, be forthcoming, but don't hold your breath.