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A search plugin using Elasticsearch for Sylius
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Documentation for MonsieurBizSearchPlugin

A search plugin for Sylius using Jane and Elastically.


Require the plugin :
composer require monsieurbiz/sylius-search-plugin

Then create the config file in config/packages/monsieurbiz_search_plugin.yaml :

  - { resource: "@MonsieurbizSyliusSearchPlugin/Resources/config/config.yaml" }

  search_file: '%kernel.project_dir%/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/elasticsearch/search.json'
  instant_file: '%kernel.project_dir%/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/elasticsearch/instant.json'
  documentable_classes :
    - 'App\Entity\Product'

Import routes in config/routes.yaml :

  resource: "@MonsieurbizSyliusSearchPlugin/Resources/config/routing.yaml"

Modify config/bundles.php to add this line at the end :

    Monsieurbiz\SyliusSearchPlugin\MonsieurbizSyliusSearchPlugin::class => ['all' => true],

Finally configure plugin in your .env file, ina dding this att the end :

###> MonsieurBizSearchPlugin ###
###< MonsieurBizSearchPlugin ###


You need to have analysis-icu and analysis-phonetic elasticsearch plugin installed.


Elasticsearch is available on 9200 port :
Cerebro on port 9000 : Kibana on port 5601 :

On your machine, Elasticsearch is available at
In docker, Elasticsearch is available at http://elasticsearch:9200/
This is the second URL you have to put on Cerebro, Kibana and Elasticsearch if you want to connect to the cluster.


Elasticsearch is available on : http://elasticsearch.<FORTRESS_HOST>/
Cerebro on : http://cerebro.<FORTRESS_HOST>/
Kibana on : http://kibana.<FORTRESS_HOST>/

On your machine, Elasticsearch is available at
In docker, Elasticsearch is available at http://elasticsearch:9200/
This is the second URL you have to put on Cerebro, Kibana and Elasticsearch if you want to connect to the cluster.


Make your Product entity implements [DocumentableInterface](#Documentable objects). Run the populate command.


The default module configuration is :

  search_file: '%kernel.project_dir%/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/elasticsearch/search.json'
  instant_file: '%kernel.project_dir%/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/elasticsearch/instant.json'
  documentable_classes :
    - 'App\Entity\Product\Product'

You can customize it in apps/sylius/config/packages/monsieur_biz_search.yaml.

search_file is the JSON used to perform the search. instant_file is the JSON used to perform the search.

The {{QUERY}} string inside is replaced in PHP by the query typed by the user.

documentable_classes is an array of entities which can be indexed in Elasticsearch.

Documentable objects

If you want to index an object in the search index, your entity have to implements App\MonsieurBizSearchPlugin\Model\DocumentableInterface interface :

interface DocumentableInterface
    public function getDocumentType(): string;
    public function convertToDocument(string $locale): DocumentResult;

Here is an exemple for the product conversion :

    public function getDocumentType(): string
        return 'product';
    public function convertToDocument(string $locale): DocumentResult
        $document = new DocumentResult();
        // Document data
        /** @var Image $image */
        if ($image = $this->getImages()->first()) {
        /** @var Channel $channel */
        foreach ($this->getChannels() as $channel) {
            // TODO Get cheapest variant
            /** @var ProductVariant $variant */
            if ($variant = $this->getVariants()->first()) {
                $price = $variant->getChannelPricingForChannel($channel);
                // TODO Index all currencies
                $document->addPrice($channel->getCode(), $channel->getBaseCurrency()->getCode(), $price->getPrice());
                if ($originalPrice = $price->getOriginalPrice()) {
                    $document->addOriginalPrice($channel->getCode(), $channel->getBaseCurrency()->getCode(), $originalPrice);
        $document->addAttribute('name', 'Name', [$this->getTranslation($locale)->getName()], $locale, 50);
        $document->addAttribute('description', 'Description', [$this->getTranslation($locale)->getDescription()], $locale, 10);
        $document->addAttribute('short_description', 'Short description', [$this->getTranslation($locale)->getShortDescription()], $locale, 10);
        // TODO : Add fallback locale
        /** @var AttributeValueInterface $attribute */
        foreach ($this->getAttributesByLocale($locale, $locale) as $attribute) {
            $attributeValues = [];
            if (isset($attribute->getAttribute()->getConfiguration()['choices'])) {
                foreach ($attribute->getValue() as $value) {
                    $attributeValues[] = $attribute->getAttribute()->getConfiguration()['choices'][$value][$locale];
            } else {
                $attributeValues[] = $attribute->getValue();
            $document->addAttribute($attribute->getCode(), $attribute->getName(), $attributeValues, $attribute->getLocaleCode(), 1);
        return $document;

You can add everything you want !

Score by attribute

Each document attribute can have a score. It means it can be more important than another. For example, the product name in the exemple above has a score of 50, and the description a score of 10 :

$document->addAttribute('name', 'Name', [$this->getTranslation($locale)->getName()], $locale, 50);
$document->addAttribute('description', 'Description', [$this->getTranslation($locale)->getDescription()], $locale, 10);

Improve search accuracy

You can customize the search with your custom JSON files and modifying :

  search_file: '%kernel.project_dir%/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/elasticsearch/search.json'
  instant_file: '%kernel.project_dir%/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/elasticsearch/instant.json'

Indexed Documents

Indexed documents are all entities defines in monsieur_biz_search.documentable_classes dans implements DocumentableInterface.

    - 'App\Entity\Product'


A symfony command is available to populate index : console monsieurbiz:search:populate

Index on save

For product entity, we have a listener to add / update / delete document on save. It is the App\MonsieurBizSearchPlugin\EventListener\DocumentListener class which :

  • saveDocument on post_create dans post_update
  • removeDocument on pre_delete

If your entity implements DocumentableInterface, you can add listeners to manage entities modifications (Replace <YOUR_ENTITY> with your) :

        class: App\MonsieurBizSearchPlugin\EventListener\DocumentListener
            - '@App\MonsieurBizSearchPlugin\Indexer\DocumentIndexer'
            - { name: kernel.event_listener, event: sylius.<YOUR_ENTITY>.post_create, method: saveDocument }
            - { name: kernel.event_listener, event: sylius.<YOUR_ENTITY>.post_update, method: saveDocument }
            - { name: kernel.event_listener, event: sylius.<YOUR_ENTITY>.pre_delete, method: deleteDocument }

Url Params

If you add a new entity in search index. You have to be able to generate an URL when you display it. In order to do that, you can customize the RenderDocumentUrl twig extension :

public function getUrlParams(DocumentResult $document): UrlParamsProvider {
    switch ($document->getType()) {
        case "product" :
            return new UrlParamsProvider('sylius_shop_product_show', ['slug' => $document->getSlug(), '_locale' => $document->getLocale()]);
        // Add new case !
    throw new NotSupportedTypeException(sprintf('Object type "%s" not supported to get URL', $this->getType()));

Front customization

You can override all templates in your theme to :

  • Customize search results display page (apps/sylius/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/views/Search/)
  • Customize instant search display block (apps/sylius/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/views/Instant/)
  • Customize JS parameters (apps/sylius/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/views/Instant/instant_javascript.html.twig)


We are using Jane to create a DTO (Data-transfer object). Generated classes are on apps/sylius/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/generated folder. Jane configuration and JSON Schema are on apps/sylius/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/jane folder.


The Elastically Client is configured in apps/sylius/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/services.yaml file. You can customize it if you want in config/services.yaml. Analyzers and YAML mappings are on apps/sylius/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/elasticsearch folder.

You can also find JSON used bu plugin to perform the search on Elasticsearch :

  • apps/sylius/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/elasticsearch/instant.json
  • apps/sylius/src/MonsieurBizSearchPlugin/Resources/config/elasticsearch/search.json

These JSON can be customized in another folder if you change the plugin config.

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