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PurpleMine 2

A free Redmine theme for modern browsers.

The MIT License Build Status Issues JavaScript Style Guide


Compatible with Redmine 2.6+ and browsers: IE10+/Edge, latest Firefox and Google Chrome (others were not tested).

It's written in SCSS. It uses normalize.css and benefits from some parts of Bootstrap like mixins, structure, and stuff.

Main features

  • Bigger, easier to read fonts,
  • Github-like wiki content look,
  • Sidebar moved to the left for better ergonomy,
  • Coloring trackers links (on lists, issue pages and even in the wiki content),
  • Highlighting issues priority on the list and on the issue page,
  • Toggling sidebar visibility,
  • Easy to customize via variables.

How install it

To install PurpleMine, just download .zip and unpack it to your Redmine's public/themes folder.

Then go to Redmine > Administration > Settings > Display and select PurpleMine2 from the list and save the changes.


This theme also features a new look for Redmine Backlogs plugin. To install it, simply copy stylesheets from PurpleMine2/plugins/redmine_backlogs and overwrite files in {redmine}/plugins/redmine_backlogs/assets/stylesheets and restart Redmine.

Also, Redmine Time Tracker and Redmine People plugins should look nice with PurpleMine.

How to customize it

If you want to customize PurpleMine to your needs, first, make sure that you have installed node.js and npm is available in your terminal.

Then, from the directory that contains PurpleMine run:

npm install

Now all the dependencies should be ready to use. Run one more command:

npm run watch

And now the grunt is watching for changes in files placed in src/ folder. Just change what you need, and it'll run Sass preprocessor automatically.

Regrettably, optional file include is not possible in Sass, so I would recommend creating a new file, e.g. src/sass/_custom-variables.scss and importing it a the beginning of the application.scss file. That way all the variables with the !default flag could be overridden.

The path src/sass/_custom-variables.scss is added to .gitignore so it should make upgrading PurpleMine with keeping your changes rather painless, given that the only thing you changed in PurpleMine's source was adding this one line with @import "custom-variables";.

If you need to customize styles for Redmine Backlogs remember to include your _custom-variables.scss in src/sass/plugins/redmine_backlogs/_common.scss.


Latest (master):

  • Fixed #42: override some styles from RM+ plugins
  • Merged #43: fixes for Redmine 3.3.2.devel
  • Support for responsive menu and further changes for Redmine 3.3.2.devel (fixes #26)
  • Improved styles for custom flash messages in wiki content (e.g. for WikiNG plugin)
  • Introduce project tiles on projects list page (enabled by default, can be switched off by setting $use-project-tiles to false)
  • Fixed #44: adjust width of the label column on the login form
  • Merged #49: German translations
  • Fixed #50: printed content on second page onwards was missing in Firefox
  • Fixed #51: a plugin dropdown in top menu could be too narrow
  • Fixed #52: delete watcher icon in the sidebar was missing
  • Fixed #54: long checkbox lists will be scrollable
  • Fixed #62: anchors won't scroll the page
  • Fixed #69: fixed "remember me" checkbox layout on login page
  • Fixed #78: files not visible on list in wiki when there is a lot of them
  • Updated dependencies
  • Fixed #81: top watchers checkboxes were not visible on Firefox
  • Removed checkbox and radio mixins in favour of check

v1.8.0 (2016-11-20):

  • Fixed #19: missing text wrapping for long text custom fields
  • Fixed #20: applied Font Awesome font-family for icons in Time Tracker overview
  • Fixed duplicated pencil icon for Description in issue form in Redmine 3.1.2+
  • Fixed #21: added styling for compatibility with layout changes in Redmine 3.2.0
  • Fixed #23: set width for progress bars
  • Fixed #25: proper styles for pagination
  • Fixed #28: correct icon will be displayed for users that cannot edit notes in journal
  • Fixed #30: styles will now compile with latest Sass
  • Fixed #32, #33: improve @shawndibble's styles for new main menu styles in Redmine 3.3
  • Various small visual tweaks
  • Fixed #34: project breadcrumbs in the header should wrap nicely
  • Fixed #35: .icon-only class should now display only icons, buttons with icons should de displayed correctly with Font-Awesome disabled
  • Fixed #36: npm dependencies can be installed on production environments + update grunt to its latest version
  • Fixed #37: added support for drag'n'drop re-ordering in issue statuses, roles, and trackers settings
  • Fixed #38: corrected z-index for dropdown new item menu on backlogs page (thanks to @futaz, see PR #39)
  • Changed indentation to 2 spaces (to match with Redmine's coding style)
  • Introduced autoprefixer via PostCSS
  • Updated scss-lint rules
  • Added JavaScript Standard Style

v1.7.2 (2015-10-12):

  • Fixed .pagination float in project members settings
  • Lists' cells are aligned to center by default (as in Redmine's default theme)

v1.7.1 (2015-10-10):

v1.7.0 (2015-09-25):

  • Added styles for optgroup (Firefox only)
  • Fixed #13: #header was missing clearfix and was breaking the layout is some cases
  • Coloring issue's title instead of link in Gantt diagram for overdue issues
  • Updated npm packages: grunt-sass from 0.18.0 to 1.0.0 and grunt-contrib-uglify 0.7.0 to 0.9.1
  • Use flexbox layout by default (can be changed by setting $flexbox-layout to false)
  • Fixed animation issue when showing sidebar
  • Slightly modified buttons' style
  • Few visual tweaks: nicer shadows, improved datepickers layout
  • Configurable list borders and highlighting of hovered and even/odd rows
  • Introduce $pagination-padding- variables and make pagination buttons' height equal to buttons by default
  • Fixed #16: remove white-space: nowrap from external links to prevent breaking the page with flexbox layout
  • Fixed colored trackers in tooltips in Backlogs plugin
  • Fixed broken codebutton modal after making buttons wider
  • Changed the license to MIT

v1.6.0 (2015-06-10):

  • Fixed #8: Setting $top-menu-collapse to true will enable script allowing to toggle if top menu should be collapsed (no wrapping) or expanded (wrapped, with auto height)
  • Header matching current URL fragment will have # prepended
  • Introduced $font-weight-normal and $font-weight-bold variables to give better control on the appearance of text with custom fonts
  • Fixed #9: Added $main-menu-collapse and applied the same logic as in #8
  • Fixed #12: Removed display: block from issue's subject link to allow context menu to popup upon right click next to subject
  • Resolved #11: Company logo can be added to the header

v1.5.0 (2015-04-15):

  • Fixed #5: Added default style for colored issue links.
  • Introduced $tracker-colors-map and removed $tracker-X-bg variables. See d220db1 comments for more details.
  • Fixed #6: Added default padding for table cells.

v1.4.1 (2015-04-14):

  • Fixed #3: Closed tasks will be more appreciable.

v1.4.0 (2015-04-10):

  • Introduced option $wiki-page-more-vertical-space (by default true) to improve wiki pages' readability even more
  • Fixed bottom margin of pre tag
  • Added a few helper classes from Bootstrap
  • WYSIWYG's icons will squeeze a little bit on smaller screens
  • Images in headers will be aligned to the middle vertically
  • Introduced text-normal class for resetting font's weight
  • Added class toc-active-prev that will "highlight" TOC as "active".
  • Fixed #2: Make sure that .sort with Font Awesome icons won't have background image
  • Fixed attachments div's layout for wiki pages

For more details, see release v1.4.0

v1.3.0 (2015-04-01):

  • Backlogs: make it possible to click on empty field
  • Corrected issue form columns widths so they will be equal in all fieldsets
  • Changesets will look similar to issue's journal
  • Improved revision page layout and added Font Awesome icons
  • Improved file content view
  • Fixed #1: Font Awesome icons will no longer break plugins' icons
  • Introduced styles for People plugin
  • Enhanced styles for activities list
  • Regular buttons (e.g. Cancel) will look like links in dialog windows
  • Fixed look of collapsible arrow in Firefox
  • Overrode Redmine's revision graph function to make it look better
  • Animated collapsible fieldsets
  • Custom image based icons changed to base64 embedded data

v1.2.0 (2015-03-03):

  • Fixed .warning style
  • Coloring status on issue page (it'll look like label)
  • Fixed master backlog sub-menu accessibility
  • Changed font weight to normal for sub-projects in project list
  • Fixed watch task path for .js
  • Removed unnecessary classes from .sidebar-toggler
  • Fixed external link icon, when URI contains the word 'edit'
  • Fixed wiki page headers links font-size
  • Changed some trackers default colors
  • Bolded user name on issue page if it's current user
  • Issue's journal appearance changed once again
  • Some improvements in wiki formatting
  • Introduced HistoryTabs for filtering issue journals
  • Improved issue page styles and adjusted default priority colors
  • Backlogs: added delay before hiding backlog menu
  • Changed ancestor project name in top to equal font size, but different weight
  • Fixed context menu position regression introduced by sidebar toggle

v1.1.0 (2015-02-15):

  • Changed issue's journal appearance
  • jQuery UI menus look improved
  • Removed box-shadow from boxes
  • Bumped grunt-sass version
  • Toggling sidebar visibility
  • Recompressed images
  • Changelog added

v1.0.0 (2015-02-06):

Initial version