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As of 2.3, Munki has support for on-demand user installation/execution of certain self-service items. When an item marked as supporting "OnDemand" install is included in the list of optional_installs, an end-user can install/execute this item whenever they wish, and as often as they'd like -- in other words, installing/running such an item does not cause the item to be classified as "installed". This can be useful to allow users to run scripts that perform maintenance tasks that normally require elevated privileges, or would otherwise be desirable to pre-program as a workflow that guides the end user through.

To illustrate one possible workflow around adding an OnDemand item, please see the use case documented by Shea Craig: https://sheagcraig.github.io/configuring-and-reconfiguring-the-default-mail-reader-self-service-through-munki-and-a-tale-of-woe/