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This is an installer for the JetBrains Toolbox App. It is the vendor recommended tool to install JetBrains products. See Install using the Toolbox App for more information.

How it works

This installer automates the following steps:

  1. Download the latest tarball .tar.gz from the Toolbox App web page.
  2. Extract the tarball to the recommended /opt/jetbrains-toolbox directory
  3. Creates a symbolic link in the /usr/local/bin directory


Run the following command to get started with Toolbox. This command requires that you have sudo privileges and curl.
curl -fsSL | bash

Alternatively, you can download the file on this repository. It will still require sudo privileges to install.

Afterwards you may execute the jetbrains-toolbox binary to run the Toolbox App and select which product and version you want to install.


  • Gergely Nagy (@nagygergo)
  • @eightseventhreethree
  • Daniel Ziegenberg (@ziegenberg)
  • Adam Tunnic (@Doregon)