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The قلب Programming Language

‫قلب‬ is a simple, Scheme-like programming language that you code entirely in Arabic. It is an exploration of the impact of human culture on computer science, the role of tradition in software engineering, and the connection between natural and computer languages.


‫قلب‬ has a minimal Scheme-like parenthesized syntax.

Hello world looks like this

‫(قول "مرحبا يا عالم!")


قلب is pronounced 'alb and means "heart" in Arabic. It is a recursive acronym standing for قلب: لغة برمجة, pronounced 'alb: lughat barmajeh, meaning "'alb: a programming language."


The implementation is largely based on Lispy, Peter Norvig's 90 line Lisp interpreter

The REPL and Editor are built on jq-console, by Max Shawabkeh and Amjad Masad

The parser is built using Peg.js, © 2010-2012 David Majda

The implementation of the Fibonacci algorithm is based on this one from Rosetta Code.

The implementation of Conway's Game of Life is based on this one from Rosetta Code.

Arabic spelling and grammar help from the wonderful Haitham Ennasr

Web worker infrastructure and jq-console integration by Amjad Masad


Copyright © Ramsey Nasser 2012, provided under the MIT License.

Developed at Eyebeam as part of my fellowship exploring code as a medium of self expression.

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