Node.js packages for converting SVG into other formats using headless Chromium
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This monorepo contains the following Node.js packages that can convert a SVG into another format using headless Chromium:

The first two packages are core dependencies for SVG converters, which make up the remainder of the packages, trying to adhere to the following naming convention:


It works by using headless Chromium to take a screenshot of the SVG and outputs the buffer. This does mean that the supported output formats is limited to those supported by that the API for headless Chromium, however, as more formats are added, additional packages can easily be created.

Each of the SVG converters will share a common API and CLI with the same options, however, some converters may come with additional options specific for their output format.

Click on the links above for the SVG converters for more information on how to install, use, and even contribute to them.


Copyright © 2018 Alasdair Mercer

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