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2D implementation of MLS-MPM for simulating soft bodies and fluids
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Incremental MPM

Accompanying article: notes and examples for the material point method

Unity version: 2018.3.10f1 — Untested in other versions.


this is an MIT-licensed commented implementation of the MLS-MPM algorithm for simulating soft bodies and fluids. it's intended to accompany this article.

this project is made in Unity, and makes use of the Burst compiler and High-Performance C#. it's partially parallelised to run at interactive rates, but this is intended more as a learning reference than a final implementation.

all examples are single-file and self-contained. this package contains 3 scenes:

  • a stripped-back example demonstrating how particle-grid transfers work in MLS-MPM

  • non-linear elasticity using a Neo-Hookean model

  • liquid simulation using a constitutive model for isotropic newtonian fluids

if you have any questions, they might be answered by the article, but if not feel free to contact me @nialltl :o)

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