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Terraform module which configure a Kubernetes cluster on Scaleway Kapsule


Use Terraform 0.14+ and Terraform Provider Scaleway 2.0+.

These types of resources are supported:


module "kubernetes" {
  source  = "nlamirault/kapsule/scaleway"
  version = "0.2.0"

  name              =
  description       = var.description
  k8s_version       = var.k8s_version
  cni               = var.cni
  enable_dashboard  = var.enable_dashboard
  ingress           = var.ingress
  tags              = var.tags
  feature_gates     = var.feature_gates
  admission_plugins = var.admission_plugins

  enable_cluster_autoscaler     = var.enable_cluster_autoscaler
  scale_down_delay_after_add    = var.scale_down_delay_after_add
  scale_down_unneeded_time      = var.scale_down_unneeded_time
  estimator                     = var.estimator
  expander                      = var.expander
  ignore_daemonsets_utilization = var.ignore_daemonsets_utilization

  enable_auto_upgrade           = var.enable_auto_upgrade
  maintenance_window_start_hour = var.maintenance_window_start_hour
  maintenance_window_day        = var.maintenance_window_day

  node_pools = var.node_pools

With variables :

name = "my-kapsule"
description = "Kubernetes on Kapsule"

k8s_version = "1.18"

cni = "cilium"

ingress = "nginx"

tags = ["terraform", "jarvis"]

feature_gates = []

admission_plugins = []

enable_cluster_autoscaler = true
disable_scale_down = false
scale_down_delay_after_add = "5m"
estimator = "binpacking"
expander = "random"
ignore_daemonsets_utilization = true
balance_similar_node_groups = true
expendable_pods_priority_cutoff = -5

enable_auto_upgrade           = true
maintenance_window_start_hour = 4
maintenance_window_day        = "monday"

node_pools = {
    "core" = {
      "node_type"           = "DEV1_M"
      "size"                = 1
      "min_size"            = 1
      "max_size"            = 1
      "autoscaling"         = true
      "autohealing"         = true
      "wait_for_pool_ready" = true
      "tags"                = ["prod", "core", "terraform"]
    "ops" = {
      "node_type"           = "DEV1_M"
      "size"                = 1
      "min_size"            = 1
      "max_size"            = 1
      "autoscaling"         = true
      "autohealing"         = false
      "wait_for_pool_ready" = true
      "tags"                = [ "prod", "ops", "terraform" ]

This module creates :

  • a Kubernetes cluster



Name Version
terraform >= 0.14
scaleway >= 2.0


Name Version
scaleway >= 2.0


No Modules.




Name Description Type Default Required
admission_plugins The list of admission plugins to enable on the cluster. list(string) [] no
balance_similar_node_groups (Defaults to false) Detect similar node groups and balance the number of nodes between them. bool false no
cni The Container Network Interface (CNI) for the Kubernetes cluster. string "cilium" no
description Description of the cluster string n/a yes
disable_scale_down (Defaults to false) Disables the scale down feature of the autoscaler. bool false no
enable_auto_upgrade (Optional) Set to true to enable Kubernetes patch version auto upgrades. ~> Important: When enabling auto upgrades, the version field take a minor version like x.y (ie 1.18). bool false no
enable_cluster_autoscaler (Optional) Enables the Kubernetes cluster autoscaler. bool false no
estimator (Defaults to binpacking) Type of resource estimator to be used in scale up. string "binpacking" no
expander (Default to random) Type of node group expander to be used in scale up. string "random" no
expendable_pods_priority_cutoff (Defaults to -10) Pods with priority below cutoff will be expendable. They can be killed without any consideration during scale down and they don't cause scale up. Pods with null priority (PodPriority disabled) are non expendable. string "-10" no
feature_gates The list of feature gates to enable on the cluster. list(string) [] no
ignore_daemonsets_utilization (Defaults to false) Ignore DaemonSet pods when calculating resource utilization for scaling down. bool false no
k8s_version The version of the Kubernetes cluster. string n/a yes
maintenance_window_day (Optional) The day of the auto upgrade maintenance window (monday to sunday, or any). Required if enable_auto_upgrade is true string null no
maintenance_window_start_hour (Optional) The start hour (UTC) of the 2-hour auto upgrade maintenance window (0 to 23). Required if enable_auto_upgrade is true string null no
name The name of the cluster string n/a yes
node_pools Node pools configuration for Kubernetes cluster.
node_type = string
size = number
min_size = number
max_size = number
autoscaling = bool
autohealing = bool
wait_for_pool_ready = bool
tags = list(string)
{} no
region The region in which the cluster should be created. string n/a yes
scale_down_delay_after_add (Defaults to 10m) How long after scale up that scale down evaluation resumes. string "10m" no
scale_down_unneeded_time (Default to 10m) How long a node should be unneeded before it is eligible for scale down. string "10m" no
tags The tags associated with the Kubernetes cluster. list(string) [] no


Name Description
id The ID of the cluster.
kubeconfig The Kubernetes configuration.
status The status of the Kubernetes cluster.