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Weasis is a DICOM viewer available as a desktop application (no need to be installed, can be used on removable devices) or as a web-based application.
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The master branch contains Weasis 2. The old branch is 1.2.x.

General information

How to build Weasis

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Weasis 2.0

General Features:

Viewer Features:

  • Display all kinds of DICOM files (including multiframe, enhanced, MPEG-2, MPEG-4, MIME Encapsulation, SR, PR, KOS, ECG and AU)
  • Viewer for common image formats (TIFF, BMP, FlashPiX, GIF, JPEG, PNG, and PNM)
  • Image manipulation (pan, zoom, windowing, presets, rotation, flip, scroll, crosshair, filtering...)
  • Optimal performance for handling large images since there is no need to load the whole image data in memory at once (Uncompressed images, tiled TIFF, tiled jpeg2000 and tiled FlashPiX).
  • Layouts for comparing series or studies
  • Advanced series synchronization options
  • Display Presentation States (GSPS) and Key Object Selection
  • Create key images (Key Object Selection object)
  • Support of Modality LUTs and VOI LUTs (even non-linear)
  • Support of several screens, full-screen mode.
  • Multiplanar reconstructions and Maximum Intensity Projection
  • Display Structured Reports
  • Display cross-lines
  • Measurement and annotation tools
  • SUV measurement
  • Region statistics of pixels (Min, Max, Mean, StDev, Skewness, Kurtosis)
  • Save measurements and annotations
  • Import CD/DVD and local DICOM files
  • Export DICOM with several options (DICOMDIR, ZIP, Anonymized, ISO image file with Weasis, TIFF, JPEG, PNG, HTML...)
  • Magnifier glass
  • Native and DICOM printing
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