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Is it a cool naming?: NO, Is it a marketing campaign?: NO, Why did you bump to 3.0 version?:

I think they are the key reasons to perform such bump, but don't be concerned because they will be good changes, since the code re-usability has been improved a lot and the adoption of Composer (https://getcomposer.org/) as the package manager will give more security and seamless integration using external modules.

More info on: https://syspass.org/en/blog/syspass_v3

Hope you test it!!




As said before, this version uses Composer to manage its dependencies so it requires some additional steps (from https://doc.syspass.org/en/installing/index.html) to get it running:

  1. Download or clone sysPass repository
  2. cd to sysPass directory
  3. Download and install Composer: https://getcomposer.org/download/
  4. Install dependencies $ php composer.phar instal --no-dev
  5. Set the correct permissions on directories. Please note that config and backup directories are now within /app
  6. Point your browser to sysPass web server URL


Please note that these commands won't allocate any persistent storage, so when the containers were removed data will too.

$ docker run -d --name syspass-db -h syspass-db -e MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD=syspass mariadb:10.2
$ docker run -d --name syspass-app -h syspass-app --link syspass-db nuxsmin/docker-syspass:3.0-beta

# Follow sysPass' container logs. It will display the container's IP address when finished
$ docker logs -f syspass-app

Latest documentation (work in progress) on: https://doc.syspass.org