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The open source alternative to ArcMap, but not as industrial strength. It's a GUI for composing maps and doing simple analysis.

How to:

Be aware: These are for version 1.7ish. Might be fixed in newer versions.

  • No warning column can't support value in editing session. Displaying desired out-of-rage value, then on save trashing it.
  • "Original CRS" really means "Project's Active CRS (data frame)", not the theme's original CRS in #QGIS.
  • QGIS project-on-the-fly breaks geo-processing (though it draws pretty)
  • Merging SHPs in #QGIS doesn't match column names but rather column order.
  • Seemingly no way to import PRJ file to set new CRS and no easy way to duplicate and modify existing CRS in the list.