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MAS: Configuring Info.plist

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The Info.plist file (located in is used on OS X to display your app information, and on the Mac App Store for identification purposes. You will need to update it.

You may start from this sample file.

You can override the existing file (, and update the following fields:

Field Information
__name__ Readable app name
__bundle_identifier__ App identifier, looks like com.yourcompanyname.yourappname (keep it as short as you possibly can to avoid issues)
__version__ Readable app version, looks like 1.4.8
__bundle_version__ A unique, numeric app version - you can use the version as a base, like 148 for 1.4.8 (this solution is more readable than starting from 1 and counting) (this is used on the MAS only, and must be incremented every time you upload a new binary)
__copyright__ A readable copyright message, appears when doing a CMD-I on your app
__app_category__ The app category, looks like (complete list)
__app_sec_category__ An additional category (same format as above)

The sample file contains the minimum, required fields that you need on the MAS.

You may need to add other fields, to associate a file extension with your app, for instance.

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