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NOTE: some content in this wiki applies only to 0.12 and earlier versions. For official documentation on 0.13 and later, see

Notification API requires node-webkit >= v0.10.1

Notification specification is based from

Here is the API specification:

[Constructor(DOMString title, optional NotificationOptions options)]
interface Notification : EventTarget {

  attribute EventHandler onclick;
  attribute EventHandler onshow;
  attribute EventHandler onerror;
  attribute EventHandler onclose;

  readonly attribute DOMString body;
  readonly attribute DOMString icon;

  void close();

dictionary NotificationOptions {
  DOMString body;
  DOMString icon;

Sample code

var options = {
  icon: "http://yourimage.jpg",
  body: "Here is the notification text"
var notification = new Notification("Notification Title",options);
notification.onclick = function () {
  document.getElementById("output").innerHTML += "Notification clicked";
notification.onshow = function () {
  // play sound on show

  // auto close after 1 second
  setTimeout(function() {notification.close();}, 1000);

General Notes

you can use http:// or file:// for the icon. node-webkit supports jpg / png files


Balloon Notification

if no icon is specified, it will use the app's icon.

icon size must be >= 32x32

Toast Notification (requires node-webkit >= v0.11)

  • Only for Win8 (or newer)
  • The icon must be using file://
  • A shortcut to your app, with a System.AppUserModel.ID, must be installed to the Start screen. Note, however, that it does not need to be pinned to the Start screen. For more information, see How to enable desktop toast notifications through an AppUserModelID (

The shortcut, ideally should be created by the application installer, but we have the API to create this, recommended to run this once during the application startup (in case the user deleted the shortcut link)

var gui = require('nw.gui');
gui.App.createShortcut(process.env.APPDATA + "\\Microsoft\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\node-webkit.lnk");

the command will create / update the shortcut link with AppUserModelID

The AppUserModelID can be specified in package.json file

"app-id": "com.node.webkit.notification.test"

if it is not, it will use the application name as the AppUserModelID

for complete sample code, go here


onclick event is not supported

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