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Odoo - Chilean electronic invoicing

You can check functionality in the following blog:

This module is in develop, and intented to deliver electronic invoices for Chile.

It provides infrastructure to connect to several electronic invoicing service provider, and - in develop to SII. It also allows you to generate records in Odoo of electronic invoices vouchers.

You can also extend this module to include more providers.

Regarding SII connection, it interacts with these already developed modules:

l10n_cl_partner_activities l10n_cl_base_rut l10n_cl_invoice l10n_cl_dte_caf


  • Connection to SII
  • Authentication using signature key certificate (provided by module "user_signature_key" by ourselves - BMyA).


This module is fully authored by BMyA, and inspired by

argentinean localization project, but just in forms, not in code.


Este módulo es de autoría total de BMyA e inspirado por

el proyecto de localización argentina, pero solo en formas, no en código.

Logo BMyA Blanco Martin & Asociados EIRL -


  • This version includes multiple references, for invoices and credit notes.