Utility for building and maintaining a binary package server for Gentoo Linux
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A utility for building and maintaining a binary package server for Gentoo Linux.

Binary packages in built inside chroot environments on a host machine, you can create any number of environments with different settings.

Configuring the Environment(s)

An environment is created by extracting stage3 files into a sub-folder of the chroots directory.

Inside the 'res/' directory are template files which get copied into the environments, it is here you should set any settings such as CFLAGS and USE Flags, subdirectories with the same name as an environment can contain further files to override the default settings in 'res/'.

These files should be edited to match your environment as much as possible, however FEATURES and DIST/PKGDIR settings in 'make.conf' should remain unchanged. This also applies to all 'make.conf' files within environment subdirectories.


cd chroots/gentoo-amd64
wget http://distfiles.gentoo.org/releases/amd64/autobuilds/$(curl -s http://distfiles.gentoo.org/releases/amd64/autobuilds/latest-stage3-amd64.txt | tail -n 1)
tar xvjpf stage3-*.tar.bz2
cd ../..
./binhost emptytree gentoo-amd64
./binhost install gentoo-amd64 app-portage/gentoolkit

Installing and Updating Packages

Serving Packages to Hosts

Tips, Tricks and Troubleshooting