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PICO Developer Support Official Repository

Welcome to the official PICO Developer Support GitHub repository. In this repository you will find demo projects created with the PICO SDK, as well as useful information and development resources.

πŸ”§ PICO Unity Integration SDK Demos

An all-in-one demo that meticulously showcases the core features of the PICO Unity Integration SDK.
Body Tracking Face Tracking Overlay Demo
How to setup and use the 3DoF Motion Tracker Leg Tracking. Obtain more activity postures to enhance the user's VR experience. How to get Face Tracking data from device and apply to an avatar. How to use the Overlay component from the VR Compositor Layers Feature.
Eye Tracking Catch ScreenShot VideoPlayer
How to use Eye Tracking APIs Learn how to a screenshot from your application. How to create different Video Players in Unity using the PICO SDK.
RTC Sync Demo PlayFab Achievement Leaderboard Photon State Sync
How to use PICO SDK to achieve RTC (Real-Time-Communication) service. How to implement achievement and leaderboard features using PlayFab game service. How to implement state sync using Photon PUN.
Photon RoomProperties Sync Unity-PicoPlatformSDK-LeaderBoard Launcher Demo
How to use Photon's PUN v2 to synchronize the status of objects in the scene (via Custom Room Properties). How to implement leaderboard feature using PICO Unity Integration SDK. How to create your own system launcher.
VRTK.Tutorials.VRBowling VRTK.Tutorials.FarmYard
A tutorial on how to make a VR Bowling game using the components from the VRTK suite within the Unity software. A Farm Yard example scene of how to use VRTK v4 for rapidly building spatial computing solutions in the Unity software.

πŸ”§ PICO Unreal Integration SDK Demos

UI Interaction Stereo Layer Rendering Techniques
How to implement VR interaction with different Unreal UI components. How to implement different Stereo Layer configurations. How to implement different Unreal Engine rendering techniques on PICO devices.
PlatformSDK Identity Friend Rtc PlatformSDK Achievement LeaderBoard Haptic
How to use PICO Unreal Platform SDK to integrate identity/friend list/RTC audio chat services for online games. How to use PICO Unreal Platform SDK to integrate achievement/leaderboard for online games. How to implement normal or broadband haptic on controllers.
How to input with hands instead of controllers.

πŸ”§ PICO Native OpenXR SDK Demos

OpenXR Demos OpenXR CloudXR Client Demo OpenXR VideoPlayer Demo
How to create your own Native OpenXR Application with PICO OpenXR SDK. How to create your NVIDIA CloudXR Client with PICO OpenXR SDK. How to create your 3D VieoPlayer with PICO OpenXR SDK.

πŸ”§ PICO Android Sample Code/JAR File

Android Helper Get Installed Package Name Launch WebVR Browser Launch PICO System Built-in Video Player
The Android Helper .jar file can be used in Unity/Unreal to access and control PICO devices at Android level. How to get installed package names on the device. How to launch the built-in WebVR browser with a specified URL. How to launch the built-in Video Player with a specified video file.

πŸ”§ PICO Enterprise Demos

These Unity demos are specifically designed to run on PICO Enterprise devices (Neo 3 Pro, PICO 4 Enterprise, PICO G3).

Custom Launcher PICO Features Demo PICOCast ArUco Marker Tracking
How to create your own custom launcher All-in-one PICO 4 Enterprise Features Demo How to use PICO's proprietary casting solution Dynamically track ArUco markers in Unity
Advanced Guardian Example Advanced Eye Tracking Video Player Companion App
Advanced Guardian (LBE Mode) features and multi-player scene Learn how to use Advanced Eye Tracking APIs in PICO 4 Enterprise Create your own custom Video Player (Coming soon) Create your own VR/Smartphone companion app
Get Camera Frame
Retrieve the PICO 4 E camera feed and send it to an Azure AI service

πŸ‘‹ Technical Support

If you have any questions or issues, you can contact us at:

PICO DevSupport Portal
Enterprise Support


Pico Technical Support






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