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Pinnacle API is a RESTful service for betting all bet types on all sports.

Please note that in order to access Pinnacle API you must contact Pinnacle Solution for the approval.


The API uses HTTP Basic access authentication. Always use HTTPS to access the API.

You need to send HTTP Request header like this:

Authorization: Basic <Base64 value of UTF-8 encoded “username:password”> 


Authorization: Basic U03MyOT23YbzMDc6d3c3O1DQ1 

Please note that in order to access Pinnacle API, you must have a funded account.

Data Formats

Pinnacle API supports only JSON format. HTTP header Accept must be set:

    Accept: application/json

POST HTTP Request must have JSON body content and Content-Type HTTP header must be set:

    Content-Type: application/json


Pinnacle API supports HTTP compression. We strongly recommend using compression as it would give the best performance.

Please make sure to set the User-Agent HTTP header or compression might not work.

Date Time Format

All dates and times are in GMT time zone, ISO 8601 format


When a client issues a network request, it is always possible for the request to timeout or return an error status code indicating that the bet may not have been accepted. This opens up the possibility of the same request being sent more than once, which could create duplicate bets. Deduplication is a technique to avoid creating these duplicates when retrying a create request. We do the deduplication automatically for you.

If the bet is accepted, we store the uniqueRequestId in the system for 30 min. If you try again within that time range to place a bet with the same uniqueRequestId, you will get the appropriate error.

All place bet requests support deduplication.

API Reference

Customer API

v1 - Current

Lines API

v2 - Current

Bets API

v3 - Deprecated

v4 - Current

Rate Limits

To enforce the Fair Use Policy and ensure stable service to all the clients we have API rate limits in place, a number of API calls clients can make within a given time period.

If the limit is exceeded, the client may get the error response HTTP status code 429, with HTTP header Retry-After that specifies after how many seconds the client can retry.


HTTP/1.1 429 Too Many Requests
Content-Type: application/json
Content-Length: 240
Retry-After: 60
"message": "Too many snapshot requests. For more details see

Lines API snapshot calls are limited, up to 1 call per minute per sport per endpoint. Following endpoints support snapshots:

  • /fixtures
  • /fixtures/special
  • /odds
  • /odds/special

Examples of snapshot calls that are counted towards the same sport-endpoint call rate counter:

  • /v1/fixtures?sportid=29
  • /v1/fixtures?sportid=29&islive=1
  • /v1/fixtures?sportid=29&leagueIds=1980,5487,2627
  • /v1/fixtures?sportid=29&eventIds=1550526772,1550667755&currencycode=EUR

R Library

Please use the pinnacle.API package available on CRAN. (install.packages(“pinnacle.API”)) The source code can be found here.

More ...

Getting Started

API Change Log


Fair Use Policy

API Status

You can follow pinnacle status page and subscribe to get the notifications on API status. Notifications will be sent from, make sure you check your junk inbox.

We are using Cloudflare as content delivery provider for the API, you can follow their status here.


Pinnacle is not liable for use of the API for any purpose. The API is provided on an “as is” and “as available” basis, without warranties of any kind, either expressed or implied, including, without limitation, implied warranties of merchantability and fitness for a particular purpose or non-infringement.