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Chaos Client

Go client to communicate with Chaos dataset API.


go install -v


chaos -h

This will display help for the tool. Here are all the switches it supports.

Flag Description Example
-d Domain to find subdomains for chaos -d
-count Show statistics for the specified domain chaos -d -count
-o File to write output to (optional) chaos -d -o uber.txt
-json Print output as json chaos -d -json
-key Chaos key for API chaos -key API_KEY
-dL File with list of domains (optional) chaos -dL domains.txt
-dns-record-type Filter by dns record type chaos -bbq -d -dns-record-type cname
-dns-status-code Filter by dns status code chaos -bbq -d -dns-status-code noerror
-filter-wildcard Filter DNS wildcards chaos -bbq -d -filter-wildcard
-http-url Print URL of the subdomains chaos -bbq -d -http-url
-http-title Print title of the URL chaos -bbq -d -http-title
-http-status-code Print http status code chaos -bbq -d -http-status-code
-http-status-code-filter Filter http status code chaos -bbq -d -http-status-code-filter 200
-resp Print DNS record with response chaos -bbq -d -resp
-resp-only Print the response of DNS record chaos -bbq -d -dns-record-type cname -resp-only
-silent Make the output silent chaos -d -silent
-version Print current version of chaos client chaos -version

You can also set the API key as environment variable in your bash profile.


How to avail API_KEY

Chaos DNS API is in beta and only available to people who have been invited to use it. You can request an invite for yourself by filling Google form. We send out new invites every second Monday of the month. Please send us a DM on our Discord server.

Running chaos

In order to get subdomains for a domain, use the following command.

chaos -d -silent

💡 Notes

  • The API is rate-limited to 1 request at a time per token.
  • Chaos API only supports domain name to query.
  • Chaos recon data can be retrieved using bbq flag.

👨‍💻 Community

You are welcomed to join our Discord Community. You can also follow us on Twitter to keep up with everything related to chaos project.

📌 Reference

Thanks again for your contribution and keeping the community vibrant. ❤️