@grobie grobie released this Mar 2, 2017 · 18 commits to master since this release

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  • [CHANGE] Rename service label to service_name in consul_catalog_service_node_healthy metric
  • [CHANGE] Remove redundant consul_catalog_service_nodes metric
  • [CHANGE] Rename consul_agent_check metric to consul_health_node_status
  • [FEATURE] Export the state of service checks via consul_health_service_status
  • [FEATURE] Add option to disable consul_catalog_service_node_healthy via -consul.health-summary=false
  • [FEATURE] Add full TLS support for querying Consul
  • [FEATURE] Add consul_raft_leader metric
  • [FEATURE] Support standard Consul env variables and therefore ACL tokens
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Use a timeout when querying Consul, configurable with -consul.timeout
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add unique service_id label to consul_catalog_service_node_healthy metric
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Add consul_exporter_build_info metric
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Use common log options
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Remove noisy INFO log messages
  • [ENHANCEMENT] Use common build pipeline
  • [BUGFIX] Remove possibility for race conditions in metrics collection