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These are a few of the things that I’d like to see implemented for future Typo releases. I’m working on a few of these myself; others would make a great project for new (or existing) Typo developers. Lines that have been struck out are complete, but may not be merged into the Typo trunk.

Features for Typo

These are features that we’d like to get into the next major Typo release.


  • Support one or more of the open comment ID systems, like OpenID.
  • Act as an OpenID server as well as a client.
  • Allow people to edit (or maybe just delete) their own comments?
  • Optional hierarchical comment system?

Features deferred to a future release

Tag Support

  • Add tag renaming/merging interface, like flickr (suppose you have tags for “book” and “books”, and you’d like them both to be “book”)

Users and Blogs

  • Allow multiple blogs (#343)


  • Allow sidebars to export publicly visible actions, to allow Ajax sidebars. (#345)
  • Context example: pdcawley wants to build a sidebar full of links to Amazon items mentioned in the body of the page.
  • See what it’ll take to ditch the aggregator models and replace them with something like feedtools.


  • Correctly handle articles with future publication date. This has caching issues, as we’ll need to sweep the cache before the article will appear, yet there’s no event to trigger the cache sweep. However, the cache issue may be solved by switching to action caching. (#222)
  • Add multi language support

Text formatting

Pluggable text filters went in in r565

  • Other filter possibilties: WikiLinks, graphing
  • Future possibility: “active” filters that don’t return the same content every time they’re run. Example: stock quotes. This has cache issues, of course. We might want to add a expires_at timestamp field to PageCache if we go down this route.
  • Smart word linking: If I mention Apple in an article, I would like the publisher to automatically link (case sensitive) Apple to http://www.apple.com/. An admin piece should allow me to define words/patterns and the links they should be pointed to, with support for RegExp

Web Statistics

  • Integrate a typo-aware access log statistics package.
  • Allow report like “which categories (or tags) get the most hits”
  • Allow report that shows correlation between article size and hit rate (see * See [http://www.railstat.com/ railstat]).

Mail Subscriptions

  • Provide facility for people to signup to receive emails when new content is posted. Include unsubsribe (of course!) and choosing daily digests rather than email on every event, and whether to include & notify on comments as well as postings. Yes, this is what RSS is for in many ways, but email works more broadly and better fits some preferences.
  • Nice to have: Ability to subscribe by category or folksonomy tag.

Photo/Album Support

  • allow authors to post images much like a blog entry, complete with a description category and tags
  • a filtered view should be available to view just the photo posts, and with category/tag posts something resembling photo albums should be achievable without any additional effort
  • One variation (#543)

Author Pages

  • this would tie in with my request above, the Photo support, allowing to see only that person’s image albums

Satellite Blogs

  • A way of accessing the blog through a different URL only displaying a restricted set of categories, and with its own front-end look, sidebar content, title, subtitle, etc. Thus you could have film.myblog.com and rubyonrails.myblog.com be sub-blogs of www.myblog.com, essentially running a film blog, but having a central administration, and a place where your friends can see all of your blog posts.

Multilingual Blog Support

A behavior like this:

  • when someone goes to my blog, and will be recognized as someone speaking one of the languages in which the blog is written or he choices manually a language (by switching to it), then he sees everything only in that language (foreign language elements mixed together, as of my experience are irritating especially when I don’t understand them or even cant read them (Chinese etc.))
  • when someone goes to my blog, and will be recognized as someone not speaking one of the languages in which the blog is written, then he sees everything in a language of my choice (by default English)
  • every post can be written in many languages (can have many different language versions)
  • when it’s not in an language currently viewed by the user then it is not shown on the blog
  • it can be shown, when the blog author decides this, as an artificially translated blog post (for example by http://translate.google.com)
    Shortly speaking: concise language in UI and content + the ability to public and share content between deferent language versions.
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