List of links to packages discussed by workshop participants
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List of links to packages discussed by participants at Python in Astronomy 2015 workshop. The participant name is the person who introduced the software at the meeting (not necessarily the software author).

This list is citable using DOI

Participant name Package name repo link
Thomas Robitaille Acknowledgment-generator link
Amuse Team AMUSE link
Thomas Robitaille APLpy link
Peter Teuben ASCL link
Matt Craig AstroImageJ link
Erik Bray astroplotlib link
(many!) astropy link
many astropy tutorials link
many astropy.photutils link
Adam Ginsberg, others astroquery link
Erik Tollerud Authorea link
Neil Crighton Barak link
Steve Crawford ccdproc link
Emille Ishida COIN link
Emille Ishida CosmoABC link
Joe Zuntz CosmoSIS link
Joe Zuntz emcee link
Eric Jeschke Ginga link
Perry Greenfield Glue link
Nadia Dencheva gwcs link
Pauline Barmby imagecube link
Megan Sosey Imexam link
Curtis McCully lacosmicx link
Victor Terron LEMON link
Kyle Barbary nestle link
Antonio Martin-Carillo PAST link
Becky Smethrust Prefig link
Thomas Robitaille psrecord link
Adam Ginsberg pvextractor link
Joe Zuntz PyMC link
Joe Zuntz PyMinuit link
Joe Zuntz PyMultinest link
Adam Ginsberg, Wolfgang Kerzendorf pyspeckit link
Stuart Mumford pythontex link
David Perez-Suarez recipy link
Matt Craig reducer link
Joe Zuntz scipy.optimize link
Kyle Barbary SEP link
Erik Tollerud Software Survey Analysis link
Steve Crawford specreduce link
Wolfgang Kerzendorf specutils link
Becky Smethrust starpy link
Stuart Mumford SunPy link
Fred Moolekamp Toyz link
Alex Hagen Trillian link
Tom Robitaille wcsaxes link
Britton Smith Yt link