A Toolbox companion for QMK Firmware
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QMK Toolbox

This is a collection of useful tools packaged into one app. This is a pretty recent development, but is looking to replace the QMK Flasher.


Supporting following bootloaders:

If there's an interest in any others, they can be added if their commands are known.

HID Listening

Also listens to HID ascii from usage page 0xFF31 (compatible with the hid_listen provided by PJRC) - connects automatically and to all sources available.




When using the QMK Toolbox on Windows, please install the mandatory drivers first. You can get the latest release here


If you're using homebrew, you can use the following commands:

brew tap osx-cross/avr
brew tap PX4/homebrew-px4
brew update
brew install avr-gcc
brew install dfu-programmer
brew install gcc-arm-none-eabi
brew install avrdude


A Windows and macOS version are available, and you can get the latest release here.

For Homebrew users, it is also available as a Cask:

$ brew cask install caskroom/drivers/qmk-toolbox