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Geonkick - a free software percussion synthesizer.
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Geonkick - a free software percussion synthesizer.

Details: Geonkick is a synthesizer that can synthesize elements of percussion. The most basic examples are: kick drums, snares, hit-hats, shakers, claps, steaks.

License: GPLv3

Version: 1.1

Author: Iurie Nistor

Source code repository:



  • Two oscillators
    • sine, square, triangle, saw-tooth
    • amplitude & frequency envelope
    • low & high pass filter
  • Noise:
    • white & brownian
    • amplitude envelope
    • low & high pass filter
  • General
    • amplitude envelope & kick length
    • low & high pass filter
    • limiter
    • compression
    • distortion
  • Jack support:
    • 1 MIDI in, key velocity sensitive
    • 2 audio out
  • Export
    • stereo & mono
    • WAV: 16, 24, 32 bit
    • FLAC: 16, 24 bit
    • Ogg Vorbis
  • Open & Save preset in JSON format
  • Standalone only (no LV2 or VST yet, planned for version 2.0)
  • Platforms:
    • GNU/Linux
  • Build system:
    • GPLv3 source code with CMake build system


In order Geonkick to run and operate correctly there is a need for:

  • GNU/Linux operating system
  • Jack server installed and running at 48000 sample rate


Install dependeces

I order to build Geonkick there is a need to install the following development packages:

  • Qt5
  • libsndfile
  • JACK Audio Connection Kit

On Debian, Ubuntu, Ubuntu Studio install:

apt-get install build-essential
apt-get install cmake
apt-get install qt5-default && qjackctl && libjack-dev && libsndfile-dev
Build & install Geonkick

Clone the code repository, compile and install

    git clone
    mkdir geonkick/build
    cd geonkick/build
    cmake ../
    make install


Here is a list of tests of the application on various GNU/Linux distributions in order to see if it builds with dependences installed from repository, installs, runs, and if there any issues.

Distribution Dependences Build Install Run Comments
Debian 9.x/64bit repository OK OK OK
Ubuntu 18.10/64bit repository OK OK OK
Fedora 29 / 64 bit repository OK OK OK
Ubuntu Studio repository OK OK OK


  • Package for ArchLinux community repository by David Runge

Road map

Here are a list of planned milestones and issues opened for them, dates when will be started and finished.


Short user guide

Shortcut Keys
  • Ctrl + r - reload default state, clean everything
  • k - play kick
  • Ctrl + h - hide envelope, only kick graph is shown
Working with envelopes
  • Left double click to add a new point
  • Left click on the point and move the point
  • Right click on the point to remove it
Play the sound

Geonkick uses Jack and will create two audio outputs and one MIDI input. If audio outputs are connected there are two ways to play the sound:

  • by MIDI input, for example, MIDI keyboard. This also will be key velocity sensitive, i.e. lower velocity corresponds to lower sound volume.
  • by pressing the key 'k'

Under the directory geonkick/examples there are some example presets that can be opened and play with.

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