Please replace genworks/Genworks-GDL with genworks/gendl #486

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We have renamed our open-source project as "The Gendl Project" and the URL is:

The main system name is gendl.asd and most of the component and add-on system names have changed as well.

This should supersede Genworks-GDL.


A few systems fail to build for me - is it serious? Log is here:


Sorry about that.

Those .asd files crept back in due to automatic generation. I will remove the offending .asd files, or update them so they build without errors, this afternoon, and will report back on this Issue.


All the build failures should all be ironed out now.

No .asd files were removed; all were corrected so they should now build with no errors or fatal warnings.

We still have a slew of STYLE-WARNINGS which are actually coming from just a few places; these will be addressed in due course.


Pushed a few more changes today to address some load-ordering issues.


Pushed a few more changes to ledger demo, which is still hugely outdated, but at least it will run now...

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