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[I'm sorry but I'm now super busy, If you want to be a maintainer of the project please feel me to contact me! You've to be passionate about programming]

Live Server - Web Extension

Makes your existing server live

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Brief Description

This browser add-on is an extension for a developer tool in VS Code editor (Live Server). With this add-on installed, along with the VS Code extension, it gives you a functionality to automatically update your website on save; for other files than just .htm and .html.

So specifically, with this add-on, live reload will also work with the following server-side files within the spectrum of: PHP, .NET and NodeJS.


Setup Tutorial
About The Extension

The Common Misconception

Neither the browser add-on nor the VS Code extension will host a server for: PHP, .NET or NodeJS. This add-on will give you the reloading function, so you do not need to refresh the page every time you save your server-side code.

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  • Verision 1.3.0 (18.05.18)

    • [Fixed] Reload all browser tabs [#16]
  • Verision 1.2.0 (17.05.18)

    • Serious Bug Fixed
  • Verision 1.1.0 (17.05.18)

    • [Bug Fixed] This extension was broken with Live Server v4.0.0 update. [#127]
    • Popup window UI updated
    • Docs updated.


This extension is licensed under the MIT License